Conversations with the Confessions: Dialogue in the Reformed Tradition

Fourteen Presbyterian scholars enter into conversations with the confessions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and examine the major theological themes that make the confessions such foundational commitments of faith. This collection of insightful essays provides readers with a clear understanding of the confessions from different periods of the church’s life. These conversations with the confessions found in the PC(USA)’s Book of Confessions include some illuminating commentary on why they were written and demonstrate how they can be used to address major theological issues. This important work will help scholars, pastors, and church leaders interested in studying the Reformed tradition appreciate the role of the confessions in shaping Christian life and faith today.

From the Back Cover

“This book provides just what the church needs–conversations with the confessions! Essays in the first half open each of the historical periods of confession making and invite us to interact with profound insights found there. The second-half essays begin with the deep questions that we ask as Christians, and human beings, and show how the confessions respond to those questions. This is solid scholarship presented in a fresh and engaging way. Individuals and church groups, especially office bearers, will benefit from this work.” –Jack Rogers, author of Presbyterian Creeds: A Guide to the Book of Confessions and Moderator of the 213th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
“The Book of Confessions is a constitutional cornerstone of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), but many Presbyterians have never even read it. Speaking with different Reformed accents, the authors of this volume draw us into conversation and argument with the documents and major themes of The Book of Confessions and show how this Presbyterian treasure can both enrich and challenge our faith.” –Amy Plantinga Pauw, Henry P. Mobley Jr. Professor of Doctrinal Theology, Louisville Presbyterian Seminary”Conversations with the Confessions invites Presbyterians to engage with our theological teachings in rich and accessible ways. Each document is introduced in its historical context, and major themes are explored through The Book of Confessions as a whole. All the while we are drawn into the discussion, with the questions and objections of our own age. All church officers should read this book.” –Gary Neal Hansen, Assistant Professor of Church History, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary