Sermons and Lectures

A lecture given as part of the Calvin College Christian Perspectives in Science Seminar Series, March 30, 2011. Abstract: In conversations about origins, Augustine is sometimes painted as a fundamentalist…

Beautiful Garments

February 17, 2010
Chapel talk at Calvin College from February 2010.

Being Single

April 28, 2009
A chapel talk at Seattle Pacific University, on the assigned topic of being single.
Preached at the Calvin College LOFT service on Easter Sunday evening, April 12, 2009.
Preached at the Palm Sunday service at Calvin College LOFT service on April 5, 2009.
Sermon preached in chapel at Beeson Divinity School, part of a series Table Grace.

Christ the King

November 23, 2008
Preached at Grace Presbyterian Church, Montclair, NJ, on Christ the King Sunday.
Originally preached at the Calvin College LOFT service, March 23, 2008.
This lecture was presented as part of the 2007 January Series at Calvin College.

Water, Wind, and Fire

October 11, 2006
Chapel talk presented at Calvin College on October 11, 2006.